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Welding Tools

Welding Tools Futuris Mig Welding Pliers Multipurpose Softgrip

Softgrip MIG Welding / Welders Tool - Multipurpose Pliers "Helper" Style ► Part of the Futuris range of welding accessories ► Soft grip handles ► Multi-function tool designed for MIG welding torch maintenance Technical Specification: Specially designed for CO2 welding torches PVC dipped handles 200mm long

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£ 15.33

Welding Shield Futuris Hand Screen Mask

Welding Hand Screen Fibreglass hand screen 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" Key Features: Welding Hand Screen Mask Shield 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" Hand screen from the quality Futuris range 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 lens Fiberglass Cutaway to aid holding

More Details

£ 14.45

Welding Goggles Futuris Flip Front

With a green lens shade that comfortably fits over personal spectacles, these goggles are great for all kinds of gas welding & brazing operations Key Features: Futuris Flip-Up Goggle 4 1/4" x 2" Shade 5 Flip-Up Welding Goggle with a wide panoramic viewing area Comes complete with indirect ventilation and a flexible, lightweight frame Lens Size: 2" x 4 CE EN175 Clear & Shade 5 Lens included

More Details

£ 7.90

Welding Curtain Futuris Castor Kit

Futuris - Welding Curtain Castors Kit 4 x 50mm Diameter Castors

More Details

£ 19.82

Welding Hood Retardant Extra Lined

Weldas Orange Hood - Flame Retardant. Made of flame-retardant fabric with velcro closure and velcro to attach to the welding gear. Key Features: Made of flame retardant fabric Velcro closure Velcro to attach to the welding gear

More Details

£ 17.18

Welding Regulator Futuris Co2 Gas

CO2 1 Stage 2 Gauge 7bar - 101.5psi Regulator Manufactured to EN ISO2503 5 bar - 72psi Two gauge, one for bottle pressure and one for outlet pressure Female inlet 5/8 fitting CO2 gas Side entry style fitting

More Details

£ 42.31

Welding Head Screen Futuris Flip-up

Lightweight flip-up passive welding helmet for use hard hat HARD HAT NOT INCLUDED 4 1/4 " x 2" lens (LENS NOT INCLUDED) EN175 Key Features: Light-weight flip-up head screen  For Use with Hard Hat (Not included) For Use with 4 1/4 x 2" lens (Not Included)

More Details

£ 11.89

Welding Tools Futuris Flux Cored Gasless MIG Wire - 0.8mm

All positional open arc (self-shielded) flux cored / gasless 4.5Kg spooled MIG welding wire from Futuris suitable for use on thin plate mild steel. Suitable for most Compact DIY / Hobby Welding Machines Key Features: ► FUT421-004 - Flux Cored MIG Wire 0.8mm 4.5kg ► 4.5KG spool ► Flux cored wire so for use with No-Gas / Gasless welding ► 0.8mm Wire Diameter

More Details

£ 116.18

Welding Tools Futuris Silver Solder Brazing Flux

High-temperature quality general purpose welding & brazing flux Key Features: Use with silver brazing metals on common engineering materials Flux with a working range of 600-850ºC S102 Technical Specification: Weight (kg): 0.27 Size: 225g

More Details

£ 30.93

Welding Tools Futuris Aluminium Brazing Flux

High-temperature quality general purpose welding & brazing flux Key Features: Aluminum Flux 225g Use with aluminum filler metals & alloys Mix the flux powder with clean water to form a smooth paste. Apply with brush to weld area & filler rod. Residue can cause corrosion. Ensure complete cleaning of workpiece takes place Flux with a working range of 600-850ºC FB201 Technical Specification: Weight (kg): 0.27 Size: 225g

More Details

£ 34.03

Welding Tools Futuris MIG Welding Teflon Torch Liner Blue

Liner Blue Teflon Compatible with the best known European brands of MIG welding torch Binzel MB Style (Compatible product only) Technical Specification: 0.6-0.9mm 4M 1.0-1.2mm 4M

More Details

£ 18.26

Welding Tools Futuris Flux Cored Gasless MIG Wire - 0.9mm

All positional open arc (self-shielded) cored wire suitable for use on thin plate mild steel Key Features: 4.5KG spool Flux cored wire so for use with No-Gas / Gasless welding 0.9mm Wire Diameter

More Details

£ 100.76

Welding Tools - 2m x 2m Frame for Elephant Tent Work Shelter

Elephant Tent Work Shelter 2x2x2m. Portable, collapsible shelters to protect the work area when welding large workpieces outdoors. (Frame only) Key Features: ► Offering shelter to the workpiece, welder & passers-by from the arc and spatter ► It is made from white PVC ► Frame supplied in kit form

More Details

£ 396.74

Welding Tools Futuris MIG Spot Welding Nozzle

Futuris - MIG FF-M15 16mm Spot Welding Nozzle Technical Specification: Height(cm): 1.000 Length(cm): 10.000 Weight (kg): 0.25

More Details

£ 9.24

Welding Tools Futuris MIG Welding Nozzle Spring

Futuris - MIG Welding FF-M25 Nozzle Spring Technical Specification: Height(cm): 1.000 Length(cm): 24.000 Weight (kg): 0.11

More Details

£ 1.31
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