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Safety & Crowd Control Barriers

Plastic Crowd Control Barrier

Description Plastic Crowd Control Barrier is our range in Pedestrian Control, it's a rival to metal crowd control systems. Traditional metal type crowd control barriers are vulnerable to permanent damage, eventually rusting and can be difficult to stack. The Standard Grey Boss Barrier has none of these drawbacks. Key Features: • Free standing with 360° swivel feet • Enhanced product support using Retro-Fit braces • Ultra lightweight • Completely recyclable • No screws, rivets or other sharp edges • Easily stacked and sent through the pallet network • Lower rate of theft • Manufactured from HDPE which makes it durable & we run the barrier over with a fully loaded van! • Made in Britain Dimensions: Height:1100mm Width: 2000mm Depth: 50mm (660mm with feet) Weight: 9.9kg Material: HDPE Recycleable Plastic Colour: Standard Steel Grey Applications: Festivals Busy public areas Activity areas Marathons Queue delineation

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£ 30.79

Manhole Barrier System 4 Panels

Description High visibility manhole barrier from The Barriers UK has been designed to be used around cable laying, manhole repairs and other temporary excavations. The barriers are lightweight and very easy to install. The modular design means you can configure the manhole barrier in several different ways and even fold the product up for easy storage and transportation. Thanks to the latest molding processes and being made out of plastic as opposed to steel, a manhole barrier can be scraped and battered without having to worry about rust corrosion or metal shape retention. This product is extremely durable and 30 percent lighter which makes them effortless to transport. The top hinges make deploying straight lines easy and help to increase stability. The item is compliant with Chapter 8 street works and each barrier weighs just 2 kilograms. The hinged clips make for super-fast assemble and the integral locking clamp assists with stability when several barriers need to be deployed in a straight line. The manhole barrier is made from high-density polyethylene and a single panel measures 3000L x 1000H. Key Features: • This product is compliant with Chapter 8 streetworks • The weight of each individual barrier is only 2kg • Fast assembly with the hinged clips • Integral locking clamp helps towards stability when the barriers are deployed in a straight line • Made from HDPE • Single panel (mm) 750L • Dimensions (mm) 3000L x 1000H • Made in Britain Dimensions: Width: 3000mm Height: 1000mm Weight: 8kg Material: High Density Polyethylene Colour: Red/White Warrenty: 1 Year Parts/Labour

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£ 75.26

NATO Razor Wire 500m

Description This NATO Razor Wire, suitable for all types of outdoor use, is a perfect choice for protecting your garden or yard! Made of high-quality galvanised steel, our razor wire is weather-and-water resistant, therefore ensuring a long-service life. This sturdy NATO Razor Wire, which can be spreaded up to 100 m, is designed to help prevent unknown invaders effectively. When in use, the coiled wire length can be 25-30 m. The razor wire can be winded around the garden fence to add extra security and safety. And the design of blades keeps unwanted guests out of your garden and avoids mischievous intrusion. The NATO Razor Wire will be an ideal choice for both commercial and residential use. The wire is delivered in a plastic container for safe and convenient handling, storage and transport. Key Features: • Best Selling - Top Rated - Lowest Price • Made of high quality galvanised steel • Wire length: 100 m (stretched), 25-30 m (coiled) • Coil diameter: 35 cm • Razor distance: 34 mm • Razor size: 22 x 15 mm (L x W) • Delivered in a plastic container for easy storage • Supplied in Pack of 5 (Length over all 500mm) Dimensions: Length: 100m (When deployed) Length: 25-30 m (When stowed) Diameter: 35 cm (Coil) Razor Distance: 34 mm Weight: 5kg Material: Galvanised Steel Warranty: 1 Year

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£ 109.99

2.3M Metal Crowd Control Barrier With Loose Leg

Description Loose leg crowd control barriers fit together with flat metal feet & connect directly to one another. The loose leg variation of the crowd control barrier gives you a completely detachable crowd barrier foot. This is fantastic for transportation and storage, however we do also sell a fixed leg crowd control barrier, which has the feet permanently attached to the barrier. These Heavy Duty Steel Galvanised Crowd Control Barriers for use individually or linked together. Key Features: • Heavy duty/robust 18 bars construction • Individual or interlocking links  • Galvanised Steel to BS EN 10244-2 standard • Versatile construction for easy mobility & stowage • Supplied on a pallete of 25 • Made in Britain Dimension: Width: 2300mm Height:1100mm Weight: 23kg Material: Galvanised Steel Warranty: 1 Year

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£ 26.39
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