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Parking Barrier

Hinged Padlock Parking Post

Description Hinged Padlock Parking Post can be folded down and is available in a selection of colours for different applications. The yellow and black is ideal for areas where the post is in place for safety reasons whilst the galvanised finish is super-resistant against excessive wear and tear. The red, yellow and white is ideal for general use at home or the workplace. If you have trouble with unauthorised or unwanted vehicles parking in your space or in restricted areas but find that a permanent bollard is unsuitable, then a fold down bollard may be the answer. This lockable parking post uses a padlock system to allow the key holder to raise and lower the post as and when is necessary to allow access to driveways, private roads, car parks and other areas that require access mediation. This lockable parking post allows the key holder to block or allow access as necessary. This particular product is incredibly popular with those looking to protect their driveways, parking spaces or private roads from unwanted usage. The integral mechanism is vandal resistant and ensures that no-one unauthorised is able to lower or raise the parking post. This post is hinged and therefore can be folded down. A hinged padlock parking post is best used for the security of personal or limited retail parking spaces. An off label use is also as a barrier that prevents unauthorised access by vehicles who seek to use the area as a turnaround, or for unapproved parking. The system was designed for spaces that don’t allow permanent blockades, or will need to be used periodically for vehicular storage. Users who don’t want to give free access to certain locations, but still want to utilise their space can do so via the hinged locking system. Our hinged padlock parking posts are collapsible and weatherproof. Our vehicle parking posts have combined padlock housing and lift handle for greater usability. 800mm high x 60mm diameter post (90mm high when folded) it is galvanised or with powder coated finishes. 4 x 10mm fixings and a quality padlock also included. Key Features: • Robust 800mm high Post • 60mm diameter • 90mm height when folded down • Powder coat or galvanised finishes • Unsuitable for cars that are lower than 140mm • M10/100mm Fixing bolts are included • 6.2kg total weight • Quality padlock with two keys also included • Not designed to withstand driving over • Lay unit flat and ensure tyres are parallel to unit and not on the unit Dimensions: Height: 800 mm Diameter: 60 mm Weight: 6.2 kg Material: Mild Steel Colour: Yellow, Red, Yellow/Black, Galvanised Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 57.19

Keylock Hinged Parking Post

Description Keylock Hinged Parking Post allows the key holder (please note that spare or replacement keys are not available, so make sure you keep them safe) to block or allow access as necessary. This particular product is incredibly popular with those looking to protect their driveways, parking spaces or private roads from unwanted usage. The integral mechanism is vandal resistant and ensures that no-one unauthorised is able to lower or raise the parking post. This post is hinged and therefore can be folded down on either side for the ultimate flexibility. Our key lock hinged parking post is heavy duty yet easily adjustable, making it operational by any staff member or person who needs to manage parking security. Parking attendants, home owners, retail management staff, campus security guards and even family members can operate the hinged parking post with ease. The posts have easy to follow directions that don’t require special training making it perfect for every skill level. The dimensions of our key lock hinged parking post is 615(H) x Diameter 60(D)mm which comes with 2x fixing bolts. Folds down either way, it is an extremely integral security lock with enclosed mechanism. The post is highly secure and comes with a die cast set of non-replicable keys. Key Features: • 615mm high post • 60mm diameter • Integral security enclosed mechanism lock with two keys • Spare or replacement keys are not available • 4.4kg total weight • Secured with 2 fixing bolts which are supplied • Suitable for either concrete or tarmac surfaces • Must only be installed on a flat surface • Not suitable for cars that are lower than 140mm Dimensions: Depth: 60 mm Height: 615 mm Weight: 4.4 kg Material: Zinc Plated Colour: Zinc or Yellow Powder Coated Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 53.89

Winged Folding Parking Barrier

Description Winged Folding Parking Barrier is perfect for creating order in any type of garage or designated parking areas. It keeps vehicles in the correct spaces and creates a protective barricade between vehicles and walls, other vehicles, etc. This product is also perfect for keeping vehicles out of certain areas, such as pedestrian walkways. Anyone who wants more security than the standard barricade post can provide will appreciate this product. It spans out further than any simple post, keeping vehicles safe from walls and other obstacles and out of areas where they do not belong. If you are not satisfied with the amount of security that your posts are offering, you may want to upgrade a folding parking barrier system. This product is carefully crafted from high quality materials. It has a finish that is coated with epoxy powder, making it tough and weatherproof. The bright yellow colour is eye-catching and easily visible to drivers. The colour provides enough warning on its own most of the time, keeping both vehicles and this item safe. But even if a vehicle does hit this product, it is strong enough to keep the vehicle from entering the prohibited area, and it can protect a vehicle from further harm if it is used to block something like a garage wall. This product comes with a security lock for further protection. It also includes 4 keys. It folds to the height of 88mm above ground. It weighs approximately 7.85kg and is supplied with with fixing bolts. Key Features: • 720mm high x 700mm wide parking barrier • Integral lock with four keys • Spare or replacement keys are not available • Just 88mm above ground when folded down • 175x100mm base plate • 15mm diameter fixing holes at 135mm centres • Supplied with fixing bolts • 7.85kg total weight • Yellow tough long lasting weather protection finish • Spare or Replacement keys ARE NOT available Dimensions: Width: 700 mm Height: 720 mm Weight: 7.85 kg Material: Mild Steel Colour: Yellow Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 59.39

Remote Control Parking Barrier

Description 2 tons crush resistance: Under the condition of descending, this product can bear crushing from the car with 3 tons weight for not damage. Water resistant: With 67 grade of IP grade, this product can prevent from dust entering into itself, can be wash by water without permeating, and can bear short-time soaking under normal temperatures and pressures Smart remote control: This product is controlled by remote controller to control it’s rising and falling, and be changed its condition owing to external factor that will lead to alarm and become set state. Intellisense ( New added function ) : When car is approaching, this product’s rockerarm will automatically decline. While rockerarm will automatically rise when car is driving certain far distances. Anti-pilfering: Mounting bolting inside makes it impossible to be stolen. Robust and water resistant.180° anti collision. Long remote control distance. Anti-pressure and crash resistant. Self locking and intelligent control. Reset after the alarm triggered by external forc. Power-off upon external resistance. Surface spray protect do not fade. Robust and water resistant metal housing Easy installation and operation. Fully waterproof automatic alarming system. Good running in bad weather conditions Suitable for commercial or private use This product use 4 pcs alkaline dry cell (not included battery, user can buy this kind of battery form the local store) Note: Do Not activate the lock when your vehicle is parked over it. Key Features: • 2 Tons Crush Resistance • Water Resistant • Intellisense (New Added Function) • Anti-pilfering • Long remote control distance • Anti-pressure and crash resistant • Self locking and intelligent control • Reset after the alarm triggered by external force • Fully waterproof automatic alarming system • Required 4 pcs alkaline dry batteries (Not Supplied) Specifications: Rated Voltage: DC6V Quiescent Current: ≤1mA Working Current: ≤1.2A Time for Rising or Falling: ≤6s Lift’s Height: 400mm(15.75 inch) Remote control distance: 15 m Environment temperature: -10 ~ 55 °C Waterproof level: IP67 Material: Steel Colour: Yellow Package Included: 1 x Parking Lock 1 x Remote Controller 2 x Keys 3 x Screws 1 x Car Charger 1 x User Mannual Warranty: 1 Year

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£ 131.99

Folding Parking Hoop Barrier

Description This heavy duty hinged parking barrier is ideal for residential and commercial properties. Protects against car theft, restrict access to driveways and secure your parking space with our Parking Barrier! This Parking Barrier is easy to install. You can mount it onto almost any surfaces by using the 9 supplied nuts. There are also reflector stripes on the body, so that you can easily spot it in the night. It is quick and easy to operate by unlocking the central telescopic leg with a key. It folds flat when not in use. Delivery includes one parking barrier (lock and key not included) and 9 hex nuts. Dimensions: Folded dimensions: 5 x 80x 95 cm (L x H x W) Unfolded dimensions: 43.5 x 80 x 46 cm (L x H x W) Weight: 4kg Fixings: 9 Hex Nuts supplied. Material: Chrome Coated Steel

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£ 32.99

Heavy Duty Steel Folding Parking Barrier With Lock 500mm

Description This heavy duty hinged steel parking barrier from The Barriers UK is perfect for any type of car parks to stop cars turning or parking or to reserve a space. These barriers have been manufactured from weather resistant steel. Homeowners typically use the folding steel parking barrier but this product can also be used by the local authorities such as fire brigades and other emergency services. Key Features: • Heavy Duty/Robust Steel (Resistant Steel Q235 Quality) • "T" Shaped for easy handeling • Thickness of the steel 2 mm • Metal pole made of steel, painted in yellow and black, with high visibility. • The bollard pivots with respect to the base, going from vertical to horizontal position. In vertical position does not allow   the passage of vehicles. In horizontal position if it allows the passage of vehicles. • It has an integrated lock on the bollard, to control the locking mechanism. It is not necessary to have padlocks   separately. • 3 security keys are supplied. Dimensions: Structural Wdith: 500mm Structural Height: 400mm Section of the central body: 70mm x 70mm Section of the upper part: 80mm x 40mm Reanctgular base: (110 x 160 mm) with 4 holes (16 mm) for fixing to floor using screws or anchors. Weight: 5.4 kg Warranty: 1 Year

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£ 54.99

Closed Shackle Padlock 80mm

Description Security locks of high quality and resistance. Fully covered design that minimises the exposure of the crossbar or crossbar to attacks with shear, saw or any attempt at cutting. Padlocks that provide the greatest protection against theft and security thanks to the Barriers UK's Closed Shackle Padlock 80mm. These locks are ideal for use in closing rolling doors, truck doors, joining chains & Barriers UK's wide range of posts, bollards & barriers. Key Features: • Robust/Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction (Most hardend in this Closed Shackle Padlock family) • 2 spare keys • Highly recommented for Barriers UK's post, bollards or parking barriers. Dimensions: External: Width: 80mm Height: 80mm Depth: 29mm Internal: (Closed) Width: 24mm Height: 20mm Depth: 29mm Dia: 12mm Weight: 290g

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£ 4.39
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