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Painting Tools

Electric Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer 400w

Electric Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer 400W Electric handheld airless paint sprayer 400w is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for all kinds of materials, you could paint your walls, decking, radiators, ceilings and more. In fact, one you discover how easy it is with this clever paint gun, you’ll have no qualms in giving the whole house a lick of paint. If you miss a patch on a wall or create drip marks with your paintbrush, you’ll probably notice it every single time you look at that wall, furniture or ceiling! So make sure there aren’t any with the 400W Spray Gun. It’s even application creates a smooth unblemished finish. The large 800ml paint bottle capacity offers vast coverage before it’ll requires refilling. Unlike many spray guns which feature a plastic nozzle, this Spray Gun features a brass nozzle for added durability and long-lasting performance. Become a painting pro with the tool that can deliver a flawless finish, in a faster timeframe and with much less effort than a manual paintbrush. Use this effective paint sprayer to apply paints, oils, varnishes, stains, primers & more. Select a flow adjustment setting between min & max to achieve either a gentle or concentrated or paint flow. Three spray patterns will disperse the paint in a horizontal, vertical or nummular pattern. Easy to disassemble to thoroughly clean parts. Large 800ml paint bottle requires infrequent refilling. Full guidelines on material preparation & thinning included in your instruction manual. Flexible Paint Settings: Set the spray pattern and volume flow depending on each individual project with these handy adjustable features. Flow Nozzle: Select an option between the min. and max. flow volume level by simply turning the nozzle. Choose your flow rate depending on the kind of coverage you require. Depending on the project, it may be best to use a lower flow rate and multiple coats. Spray Pattern: The spray pattern shape is adjusted by rotating the spray pattern adjuster to either the vertical, horizontal or diagonal positions. Diagonal: This setting will disperse a nummular spray pattern which creates an even spherical shape for large, wide surfaces. Vertical: The vertical setting will disperse a horizontal coating for wide, but small surface areas. Horizontal: The horizontal setting will disperse a vertical coating ideal for long/tall surface areas which aren’t very wide. When it comes to cleaning and storage, the spray gun is simple to dismantle and comes with cleaning accessories to make it an easy clean-up operation. Accessories: 1 X Viscosity measuring cup 1 X Nozzle cleaning needle 1 X Pipe cleaner Specification: Voltage: 220 – 240V Power: 400W Water Flow Rate: 700ml/min Max. Viscosity: 60DIN-s Nozzle Size: 2.5mm Paint Cup Capacity: 800ml

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£ 49.55

Electric Paint Sprayer Zoom Spray 650w

Electric Paint Sprayer Zoom Spray 650W Electric paint sprayer zoom spray 650w have professional 360 technology adjustable spray output for large or small surfaces coats awkward spaces, ceilings and decking with ease detachable container for easy cleaning. So much easier than brushes and rollers no pumping required spray water or solvent based paints, varnishes, wood sealers, finishes, primers and stains technical. Features: Voltage Frequency: 230/240V?50Hz Maximum Viscosity: 130DIN-Secs Hose length: 1.4m Motor Speed: 3200rpm Atomizing Output: 105W Container Capacity: 800ml Input Power: 650W Net Weight: 1.9kg Gross Weight: 2.2kg Package Content: 1 x Electric Paint Sprayer Zoom Spray 650W Main Accessories - Tube, Carrying Strap, Viscosity Measuring Cup, Spray Container

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£ 45.57

Electric Paint Sprayer System Zoom Spray 650w

Electric Paint Sprayer System Zoom Spray 650W Feature: Electric paint sprayer system zoom spray 650w is brand new and high quality Easy to use for all kinds of home appliance Cooling device to protect the machine With the Paint Zoom, you can paint, stain, or varnish just like a pro. Just pull the trigger and paint. Durable air hose Stainless steel container Aluminum air cap Specifications: Color: Blue/Red Voltage: 230V 50HZ Power Consumption: 650W Container Capacity: 1000ML Flexible-Hose Length: 1.55m Maximum Viscosity: 40 DIN-Secs Motor Speed: 32,000 Rpm Weight: 10kgs Packages Include:  Compressor Unit,  Spray Gun Storage Tray,  Flexible Air Hose,  Spray Gun,  Regulator Knob,  Copper Spray Nozzle,  Viscosity Measuring Cup

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£ 57.65

Electric Spray Paint Kit 700w

Electric Spray Paint Kit 700W Electric spray paint kit 700w allows you to complete all kinds of projects quickly and with ease. It has three individual spray patterns vertical, horizontal and round, allowing you to be in complete control. The unique, lightweight design of this paint sprayer - in addition to the free shoulder strap - allows you to comfortably move from job to job for any duration. So, how does it work? The Paint Spray cleverly atomises paint at a low pressure which creates a non-drip, fine mist for a perfect, professional coverage every time. Ideal for small to large projects including: Fencing Decking Sheds Garden furniture Skirting Windows Ceilings Use with: Satin Undercoat Wood preservatives Technical specification: 700W

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£ 61.44
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Painting Tools

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