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Mix Barriers

Sectional Steel Barrier 2.5 metres

Sectional Steel Barrier 2.5 metres can easily installed cost effective barrier is designed to suit low speed applications, the system is extensively used in car parks, on forecourts, inside industrial warehousing complexes and around school playing fields. Key Features: • Manufactured from 3 mm pressed steel with bright spangled galvanised finish. • The floor mounted post is predrilled to accept four M12 fixing bolts - purchased separately. • Each post is supplied with one M12 x 90 mm galvanised square neck carriage bolt for a fixing rail. Lead Time: 14 Working Days

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£ 228.11

Anti Trip Hi Vis Feet Frontier Barrier System

Anti Trip Hi Vis Feet Frontier Barrier System is 2 metre blow-moulded barrier manufactured from HDPE, aerodynamicallytested to ensure wind-stability classes to BS 8442 are achieved (when fitted correctly with ‘telescopic stability poles’, bought separately). Key Features: • Sturdy one-piece system with anti-trip feet incorporating reflectors for added visibility • Recessed area to accommodate 1.25 metres of class 2 reflective material • Stowaway feature within the system ensures safe-housing of poles whennot in use • Barrier-panels can be connected on uneven ground, including kerbs • Can be safely stacked for transportation and storage • 100% recyclable with no metal parts Meets Chapter 8, Safety at Street Works & Road Works (SSWRW). Barrier-panels sold in multiples of 2. Lead Time: 3 Working Days

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£ 211.58

Plastic Compact Vehicle Height Restrictor Barrier Bar

Plastic Compact Vehicle Height Restrictor Barrier Bar securely and adequately warns drivers of limited tallness condition ahead. Key Features: • Easily installed. • Reflective for clear visibility day or night. • No sharp edges. • Supplied with 2 m suspension chains. Lead Time: 5 Working Days

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£ 74.37

Fixed Access Height Restrictor

Fixed Access Height Restrictor, solid steel and aluminum development perfect for limiting access to vans, business vehicles, parades, RVs and so forth to auto parks and activity paths. Discretionary chain suspended bump bars can lessen tallness by a further 400 mm. Optional chain suspended nudge bars not included. Key Features: • Easily installed. • Five integral height levels. • Can be supplied for permanent fixing into concrete. Dimensions: Support Posts: 100 x 100 x 3mm O/all Height: 3,010mm Base Plate: 295 x 295 x 10mm Drilled 6 fixing holes 15mm Max Headroom: 2,800mm Widths: 3,230 to 10,230mm (above 6,000mm Cross bar is supplied in two lengths and joined using steel insert) Adjustable heights: 2,800mm, 2,650mm, 2,500mm, 2,350mm and 2,200mm. Lead Time: 20 Working Days

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£ 2,529.26

Compact & Lightweight Chapter 8 Barrier 3 Way Unit

Compact & Lightweight Chapter 8 Barrier 3 Way Unit this 800 mm high compact and lightweight system is easily transported and deployed especially for quick repairs when removing manhole covers. Key Features: • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. • Complies with the regulations where the site is manned at all times. • Supplied as a standard 3 way unit, snap hinges ensure extra sections can be added quickly in order to cordon off large areas. Lead Time: 2 Working Days

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£ 319.04

Aluminium Car Park Traffic Height Restriction Bar

Aluminium Car Park Traffic Height Restriction Bar effectively warns vehicle drivers of height restrictions ahead, best for those encountered in underpasses, multi-story car-parks, underground garages, buildings or facilities with limited height access. It's made from tough durable aluminium. It has aluminium profile with end caps, clad with retro-refl ective foil (Class 1) and supplied complete with suspension chains, this product is made to last. Each sign can be hung from a solid ceiling using the inclusive chains, allowing it to be suspended 2 metres from the ceiling, providing plenty of warning for oncoming traffic. Note that the reflective red and white or black or yellow markings are only applied to one side of the sign only and the sign must be facing where traffic will see it. Key Features: • 2 metres to 5 metres in length • 150mm high • 20mm deep • Aluminium construction • Quick and easy to install • Supplied with 2m suspension chains • Reflective panels for high visibility day or night • Reflecitive panels on one side only • Does not include extra signage • Quick and easy to install. • Supplied with 2 m suspension chain. • Reflective panels for high visibility day or night. • 1 Year Warranty Dimensions: H: 150mm x D: 20mm Suspension: 2m long Galvanised chain x 2 Material: Aluminium profile Colour: Red/white or Black/yellow Type: Retro-reflective to class 1 (red/white)

More Details

£ 451.29

Pivot Style Height Restrictor

Pivot Style Height Restrictor strong steel and aluminium construction ideal for restricting access to vans, commercial vehicles, caravans, motorhomes etc. to car parks, traffic lanes, etc. Can be easily rotated to allow access for authorised over-height vehicles, emergency vehicles etc. Lockable in open or closed positions with triangular key, optional cylinder-lock or locking pin (secured by padlock – not supplied). Key Features: • Easily installed. • Restricts access to vans, caravans etc. • Allows passage of authorised vehicles. • Three integral height levels. • Strong construction. • Easily rotated to allow access to authorised over-height vehicles and emergency vehicles. Dimensions: Size: 100 x 100 x 3mm square Base Plate 300 x 300mm. Drilled 6 holes 15mm Dia. O/all Height: 2,810mm. Widths: 3,205mm to 5,205mm. Two assemblies installed opposing each other can restrict access up to 10,450mm wide (Restricted width can be up to 12,000mm). Adjustable Heights: 2,650mm, 2,500mm, 2,200mm. Cross bar: 105mm x 60mm Materials: Support Posts – Steel & Cross bar – Aluminium. Finish: Posts Hot Dip Galvanised and Powder coated Red. Cross bar White with Red Reflective panels. Locking method: Triangular key (See below for options). Options: Cylinder locking. Locking Pin secured by padlock (Padlock not supplied). Can be supplied for permanent fixing in concrete. Please Note: Chain suspended aluminium nudge bar is sold separately. Applications:  Surface car parks, retail car parks, multi-story car parks, private roads, drives etc.

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£ 231.42

Roadside Barrier Metal Free Stackable Titan Barrier System

Roadside Barrier Metal Free Stackable Titan Barrier System, A stackable obstruction, the Titan Barrier System has all the typical points of interest of a standard stackable framework, with included remarkable highlights like new connection office to permit snappy access and joining. This one piece boundary framework has experienced alterations to additionally enhance life span and to meet the proposed NRSWA changes affecting breeze security when raised and gathered effectively. Key Features: • Centre strut incorporates ergonomically-designed finger grip • Can be folded and stacked whilst still linked • The new design is 100% metal-free and fully recyclable • One-piece injection-moulded design made from virgin polypropylene offering sub-zero temperature capability and 2-year colour-fast properties • 1.25 linear metres of reflective material • 1.5 m modules for 'boxing-off' ends of barrier runs • Barrier panels sold in multiples of 2 • Clips supplied in packs of 10

More Details

£ 231.42

Addgards SuperGard Barrier

Addgards SuperGard Barrier is substantially, easy to assemble barrier. Each panel or set will snap link together and folds flat for easy compact storage. Durable and lightweight, with rubber feet to grip to any hard surface. Supplied with 2 x fixed hinges and 2 x clip hinges to connect to other barriers. This barrier taken into consideration more noteworthy wellbeing and security when shutting off work ranges from the overall population. Key Features: • Barriers can snap together to make this a versatile barrier system. • Lightweight, durable and can foldaway for easy storage. • All panels are fitted with rubber feet to grip any hard surface. • Supplied with 2 x fixed hinges and 2 x clip hinges to connect to other barriers. • All sizes are 1100 mm high. Dimensions: Length: 1100mm Width: 1100 mm Height: 1100 mm Depth: 60 mm Weight: 4kg Type: 2-Panel Barrier Brand: Addgards Colour: Yellow Material: Polyethylene Manufacturer Guarantee: 1 Year Guarantee Lead Time: 2 Working Days

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£ 285.97

JSP Alphabloc 1M Red

JSP Alphabloc™ 1M Red, an extraordinary Alphabloc boundary is an awesome other option to traditional water-filled separators, the collapsing configuration makes it simple to store and transport, while as yet offering the strength of a water-filled obstruction. Key Features: • Blow molded HDPE Blocs with strong durable hinge system and carry handle • Water fillable for added stability • This acute angled bloc design allows for multiple configurations on both flat and uneven surfaces • L: 1000mm x H: 600mm x D: 400mm

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£ 61.15

Roadside Barrier Workgate Safety Barrier

Roadside Barrier Workgate Safety Barrier, Adaptable hindrance perfect flawless security answer for cordoning off dangers. Key Features: • 1-meter height x 0.84 meters long per panel. Lead Time: 2 Working Days

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£ 193.40

Heavy Duty Retractable Belt Barrier

Heavy Duty Retractable Belt Barrier, Substantial Duty Retractable Belt Barrier accompanies an overwhelming obligation post. The base has simple to-convey handles and is stackable for simple stockpiling. Its measured tape configuration offers four-point against alter association and the steady torque webbing withdrawal gives a smooth activity. Key Features: • 3.65 m long webbing belt • 8 kg base weight for stability • Complete with a Patented Centrifugal Braking System • Made from High-Grade Robust Plastic Dimensions: Total Height (Including Base): 975 mm Post (Outer Diameter): 64 mm Base Diameter: 342 mm Weight: 12 kg Strap Length: 3.65 m Strap Width: 50 mm Applicatioins: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications in warehouses, loading-bays, construction-sites and manufacturing Lead Time: 2 Working Days

More Details

£ 246.30

Surelock Anti Tamper Barrier Clips Pack Of 10

Surelock Anti Tamper Barrier Clips Pack Of 10. One piece mould the new style one-piece injection moulded design made from prime grade virgin Polypropylene offering sub-zero temperate and 2 year fastness properties. The new design is 100% metal free and fully recyclable Water Apertures Water Apertures have been added to the one-piece mould so that when they are stacked they do not collect water within the frames, therefore do not add extra weigh and inconvenience Flexi-Coupling Clips. This new linking facility enables easy connecting and compatibility with other styles of barrier Anti-Trip Feet The Titan has the option of having Surefoot Anti-trip feet to prevent pedestrian/worker accidents. They are also painted in high visibility yellow and feature two reflectors per foot for extra visibility in low light situations Testing The Titan has undergone extensive testing: Wind tunnel stability testing Sub zero impact testing Accelerated UV age testing.

More Details

£ 34.70

Lift Barrier Elevator Guard 2 Panels

Lift Barrier Elevator Guard 2 Panels - A lift maintenance Barrier designed and manufactured by Addgards. - Complete modular units that can link together to form larger units - Fold away barrier system made from durable polyethelene plastic - Non conductive, telescopic poles stored inside the barriers - Lightweight yet extremely strong - Suitable for 1300mm openings Specification - No Admittance Authorized Personnel Only signs as standard. - Supplied in sets of 2  panel 1100mm high x 660mm wide x 40mm thick. Weight: approx 4kg Telescopic poles extend to 2.2m above FFL Key Features: • Telescopic poles fitted to the barrier extend the overall height to 2.2 meters. • A complete system comprises of 2 panels, each measuring 1100 mm high x 660 mm wide x 40 mm thick, and weighs just 9 kg. • The original Elevator Gard is designed specifically for Elevator Maintenance and to comply with BS EN 7255 • The Elevator Gard is a lift maintenance Barrier designed and manufactured by Addgards. • Complete modular units that can link together to form larger units • Fold away barrier system made from durable polyethelene plastic • Non conductive, telescopic poles stored inside the barriers • Lightweight yet extremely strong • Suitable for 1300mm openings • Complies with health and safety regulations BS7255:2001 and recommendation PM26 Lead Time: 6 Working Days

More Details

£ 214.89

Plastic Chain Post

Plastic Chain Post heavyweight/lightweight post is an ideal low-cost solution for cordoning off internal and external areas.(Single Post) Key Features: • Corrosion-proof plastic construction • Post height 870 mm • Lightweight 2 kg post fitted with rubber base • Heavyweight with plastic concrete-filled base that weighs 3 kg Available in a choice of 2 base styles: • Heavyweight with plastic concrete-filled base that weighs 3 kg • Lightweight with rubber base that weighs 2 kg • Suitable for use in warehouses, production areas, shipping departments, administration departments, etc. Lead Time: Next Day

More Details

£ 33.05

Roadside Barrier Yellow Gate Barrier System

The lightweight workgate is a small hindrance framework intended for both inside and outer applications. Produced using very tough polypropylene, this accompanies dark clasp on pivots and an essential conveying handle for simply taking care of an advantageous capacity. Provided as a 3 board entryway, that accompanies discretionary base feet for extra dependability. Key Features: • Lightweight, highly durable polypropylene construction for easy handling and folding storage. • Supplied with black clip-on hinges and integral carrying handle. • Optional base feet for additional stability. • Supplied as a 3 panel gate, each panel measures 1 metre high x 84 cm wide. Red/white with chapter 8 reflective top panel or yellow/black. Lead Time: 2 Working Days

More Details

£ 180.17

Pyramid Barrier 1 Metre

Pyramid Barriers are similar to Evo Barriers, however they can be used to create full 90 Degree corners, enabling workers to 'box off' sites and projects from public access. Barriers are available in red and white, offering a high level of visibility and can be stacked on top of each other for easier storage and transporation. Pyramid Barriers can be linked with most existing barriers, making them compatible with the majority of water filled barrier systems.  Key Features: • Incorporates a unique captive pin linking system, enabling straight or curved configurations to be created. • Can be weighted with either sand ballast or water, via the threaded filler. • Features a lower plug for easy drainage. • Pack Size 24 (Per Pallet) Dimensions: Height: 560mm Length: 1000mm Width: 400mm Weight: Empty: 5kg, Full: 55kg

More Details

£ 66.11

Oxford MKII Barrier

Oxford MKII Barrier, An adaptable movement obstruction framework, Oxford boundary is a simple to set up and interface together separator, intended to be stacked effectively to lessen transport cost. Perfect for use at docks and development locales, it can be loaded with water or sand on spot for included dependability and support. Key Features: • Manufactured from blow moulded UV stabilized polythene • Ensures pedestrian safety and guidance Dimensions: L 1100 mm x W 395 mm x H 600 mm Supplied in 2 colours: Red or White

More Details

£ 89.25

RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier 2 Metre

RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier 2 Metre can also be used as Track Barriers and Site Barriers. For complete road and site safety and security the RB2000 Barrier System is a 1 metre high heavy duty low level containment Barrier System which is compatible with most of the RB system. The RB2000 can be weighted to 400kg when water filled creating a solid flat walled secure system. The patented 5 position interlocking system allows the barriers to flow around the corners or uneven surfaces. For added safety and security anti-climb mesh and hoarding panels can be added. Front and end stops are available to prevent trip hazard. MIRA Wind Speed Test Results. 3 x RB2000 Barriers (water filled to fill line) withstood wind speeds of up to 71 mph. No barrier failed at the given speed. Water or Ballast Fillable Heavy Duty Road Barrier - Please note price is for barrier, end 'stops' sold separately Key Features: •  Heavy duty design • Advertising facility • Buffer strips available • Manufactured in UK • Produced in virgin quality polyethylene • Recyclable • Increased safety • unique patented locking device • Ease of assembly, can be filled with water or sand, different colour options Dimensions: Height: 1000 mm Length: 2000 mm Width: 400 mm Lid Size: 75 mm Drain Plug: 3/4'' Maximum angle (left) 25° Maximum angle (right) 25° Fork Lift Channels (2 x 50mm x 200mm) Weight: 35 kg Colour: Red or White Material: MDPE Applications: Event management, pedestrian control, temporary excavations, road works, advertising signage, warning signage, reflective strips can be applied. Restraint, crash barrier, quad bikes, rallying, race circuits, motor cross, go-karts, mini moto, indoor or outdoor tracks, speedway, traffic delineation, city centre bridge works, site security, crowd control, road closures and works, events and shows, construction sites Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days

More Details

£ 421.53

Melba Swintex Buddha Barrier System

Melba Swintex Buddha Barrier System, This extraordinarily outlined water filled substantial obligation activity separator is one of a kind in its plan and can pivot an entire 90 degrees empowering temporary workers to box off ventures giving included security. Buddha obstruction is an unique planned Waterfilled Traffic seperator 1m x 800mm high. Lead Time: 2 Working Days

More Details

£ 120.66

Lightweight Folding Barrier with Double Sided No Entry Sign

Lightweight Folding Barrier with Double Sided No Entry Sign, is collapsing boundary framework with "No Entry" imprinted on both sides takes into account more prominent security when shutting off territories. Key Features: • Barriers can be snapped together to create larger barrier systems. • Made in China Please note: The picture shows 2 sets of the 2 panel system interlocked. Dimensions: Height: 900mm Thickness: 50mm Width: 910 mm (1 Pair Fully Extended) Weight: 3360g Material: Polypropylene Colour: Yellew Lead Time: 2 Working Days

More Details

£ 115.70

Wychwood Flexible Verge Post Danger Overhead Cables

Wychwood Flexible Verge Post Danger Overhead Cables, Manufactured from toughened polypropylene to ensure flexibility and longevity. Overhead cable marker post for alerting to the dangers of overhead power lines etc. This flexible marker  - verge post is designed to be sunken into the ground. It is highly flexible and designed to springback if hit by machinery etc. Ideal for use on verges alongside roads with power lines running parallel to them or on Farms, Solar farms etc. Key Features: • When subject to impact, post will return to its upright position.  • Gives maximum visibility - reflective areas front and back to. • Easy to clean and maintain. Dimensions: Overall Height: 130cm Height above ground when installed: 1m Width: 14.5cm Weight: 700g approx. Lead Time: 2 Working Days

More Details

£ 36.35

Tensator Advance Tensabarrier Retractable Belt Barrier

Tensator Advance Tensabarrier Retractable Belt Barrier, is one of the most secure boundaries in the market with its stopping mechanism, which backs off the withdrawal of the belt. Produced using High Grade Robust Plastic, the chrome post includes a particular tape configuration offering a 4 point hostile to alter association and a Patented Centrifugal Braking System. This hard wearing hindrance is perfect for distribution centres and development destinations, as its reused elastic base holds its shape notwithstanding when strolled or driven on. Crowd control is an important system to have in many industries like retail and in airports; they help form orderly queues in order to process customers faster and easier. The Tensator® Advance retractable barrier system, available from Slingsby, has four-way connectivity for extra versatility, enabling you to use one post to channel crowds. Anti-tamper locking tape prevents it accidentally being released, and a patented centrifugal braking system stops the belt from retracting too fast, making them safer to use with large crowds. Key Features: • Constant torque webbing retraction provides a smooth action • Four way connector. • Anti-tamper locking webbing as standard-stops accidental release of tape • Supplied fully assembled Dimensions: Web Width: 50mm Post Height: 975mm Base Dia: 345mm Webbing Length: 2.3m Weight: 11kg Lead Time: 2 Working Days Warranty: 2 Year Guarantee

More Details

£ 178.52

Aluminium Height Restrictor Nudge Bar

Aluminium Height Restrictor Nudge Bar, discretionary poke bar to suit stature restrictors diminishing tallness by a further 400 mm than the stature of the restrictor. Key Features: • Easily Installed • Strong Construction • Supplied with 6 mm gauge suspension chain with threaded connectors. Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 2mm supplied with 6mm gauge suspension chain with threaded connectors. Materials: Chain - Steel & Nudge Bar - Aluminium. Finish: Chain - Hot Dip Galvanised & Nudge Bar - White with Red Reflective Panels. Lead Time: 4 Working Days

More Details

£ 145.46

Swing Barrier Road Gate

Swing Barrier Road Gate is surface mounted Smooth Swing Gate Barriers are designed to be positioned in a staggered arrangement to allow pedestrians to slip through the gap in the gate without vehicles getting through. These are great where there is no room for a separate pedestrian walkway. Supplied with two cylinder locking keys, each gate locks at a 90 degree angle. Once open or closed, they can only be moved again with the use of the keys provided. Key Features: • Secure: Cylinder lock automatically locks in place every arc 90 degrees. Can only be released with keys provided • Easy operation: Smoothly pivots on surface mounted post • Tough and robust: Weather resistant, tough-wearing galvanised and powder coated steelwork • High Visibility: 90mm high reflective, high visibility aluminium red and white gate ensures this barrier is very conspicuous to drivers no matter how dark it is • Ideal for Car parks, Site entrances, Public Walkways, Parks, Private and public car parks, Commercial buildings Dimensions: Overall Width: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 metres Each Gate: 1.25, 2.75, 2.25, 2.75, 3.25 metres Delivered Weight: 75, 90, 105, 120,135 kg Pivot Post: 100mmx100mm x 1 metre high Lead Time: 3 Weeks

More Details

£ 2,456.53

Evo 1M Road Barrier Red & White

Evo 1M Road Barrier Red & White is heavy-duty water filled road traffic barrier it is unique in the way that it has been designed and can rotate a full 90 degrees, enabling contractors to clearly demark areas and increase site safety. These water filled traffic barriers can be connected together forming a complete separator between the public and free flowing traffic. The connection system also allows these road separators to be connected to the majority of existing barriers on the market, whilst it's shape makes stacking & transportation very easy. Hi-Vis & Robust Solution This 1 meter wide x 0.56 meters tall water filled traffic barrier comes in hi-visibility red & white colours as standard, but they can also be manufactured in corporate colours at no extra cost. Weighing only 5kg when empty it is extremely light weight making it very easy to transport and store. However once filled with water this barrier weighs an incredible 55kg and even more when filled with other forms of ballast such as sand. This means that this plastic separator is sturdy and can be used as a more permanent form of demarcation. Most competitor’s barriers weigh a mere 25kg when filled, so this road barrier is a robust solution. Extensions with Chapter 8 Compliance If you need a taller water filled barrier then you can  add a mesh fence extension, in a galvanised steel or powder coated white finish. This takes the total height of the separator to 1000mm. The fence tops simply slot directly into holes located in the top of the barrier, making them easy to install. Alternately you should take a look at our 800mm water filled barrier. It is a slightly lighter barrier at 27.5kg once filled, but its unique design means it is incredibly durable and wind resistant.  For chapter 8 compliant traffic barriers then be sure to look at our plastic road barrier, which is the most cost-effective chapter 8 barrier on the market. At 2 meters wide and 1 meter tall it offers a lot more coverage that the water filled separators. Due to its height and flexibility it is an incredible form of temporary pedestrian and vehicle control, however the sturdy 55kg water filled barriers are a much better semi-permanent / permanent solution for separating pedestrianised areas from traffic. Heavy Duty Every other 1 meter water filled traffic barrier on the market can only be filled to the seam line because of the way that they are manufactured. That gives them a maximum weight capacity of around 20 - 28kg. Unlike its competitors this heavy-duty water filled barrier has a re-enforced seam allowing it to be filled with much more water. The result is an unrivalled 55kg water filled barrier! Key Features: • Lightweight and easy to deploy • Fill with water or sand for more permanent applications • Made in Britain Dimensions: Length: 1m Height: 560mm Width: 400mm Weight: 5kg when empty Weight: 55kg when full Max 24 per pallet Red & White Hi-Visibility colours Ability to turn a full 90 degrees Unique design for effective stackability Lead Time: 2 Working Days

More Details

£ 47.92

JSP Alphabloc 1M White

JSP Alphabloc 1M White Water Filled Alpha Block, The extraordinary Alphabloc hindrance is an incredible other option to traditional water filled separators, the collapsing configuration makes it simple to store and transport, while as yet offering the strength of a water filled hindrance. Key Features: • Blow moulded HDPE Blocs with strong durable hinge system and carry handle • Water fillable for added stability • This acute angled bloc design allows for multiple configurations on both flat and uneven surfaces • Unique foldable design with strong durable hinge system. • Carry handle making it much easier for users. • Space saving design of the Alphabloc makes it perfect for warehouses/storage facilities. • Double the pallet quantity (40) when compared against the Roadbloc (20). • Less stacking height required. • Configuration – both flat and uneven surfaces. • Can be ballasted by filling with water on site.

More Details

£ 61.15

Commander Plus B Flush Fitting Drop Down Post

Consolidates auto stop space security with non-trip advantages to people on foot & cyclists. Key Features: • Fits flush to the floor when lowered. • Triangular key latch lock key ordered separately. • Recess protected with a strong steel plate. • Post hot-dip galvanised for long service life. • Aluminium recess tray. • Easily installed by concreting into the ground (ensure flush fitting with surface). Dimensions: Overall Height: 900 mm Post: 70 mm Square Section Lead Time: 15 Days

More Details

£ 1,107.58

Complete Barrier System

Complete Barrier System has been designed to be placed around areas where any work is in progress and are often a health and safety requirement. These barriers also serve as a warning, for instance, if a space of the floor is wet or have been treated with hazardous materials. Traffic and road barriers are high visibility and are commonly seen where highway repairs are being carried out. These barrier systems comply to Chapter 8 regulations and is ideal for controlling crowds or traffic. The barrier comes with 8 planks, 4 bases and 4 posts and measures 130 H x 450 D x 450 W. The 1.25 m plank dimensions are 150W mm x 1250L mm. Order your required amount of barrier systems and get free next day delivery! All our products come with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Key Features: • The complete barrier system conforms to the chapter 8 regulations • Suitable for controlling traffic or crowds • Post dimensions 1150H x 130W mm • Base dimensions 630L x 200W mm • 1.25m Plank dimensions 1250L x 150H mm • 4 Posts • 4 Bases • 8 Planks • Made in Britain Dimensions: Post: 1150H x 130W mm Base: 630L x 200W mm 1.25m Plank: 1250L x 150H mm Height: 1150mm Material: Plastic Colour: Red/White Lead Time: Next Day Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

More Details

£ 300.85

Car Park Height Restriction Barrier With 2m Long Reflective Plank

Car Park Height Restriction Barrier With 2m Long Reflective Plank is to protect tall vehicles from being harmed in shorter entryways. This item is important for use in garages, on underpasses, and at places like banks, where some taller vehicles may not fit under outdoor roofs. This product can be used almost anywhere. It is ideal for use in parking garages and in covered entryways, as it quickly and easily warns drivers of taller vehicles if their automobile will not fit. It can also be used on underpass areas and the entrances to tunnels. There are really no limits to where you can utilise this item. This item is perfect for use in car parks and garages to keep vehicles safe. It safely lets drivers know when their vehicle’s size is hazardous for a roof’s given height. This item comes with a 2x2m metal suspension 6mm chain. This chain can easily be adjusted, depending on the size of the area you are using it on. The bright red and white colours give ample warning to drivers. One side of this item has a reflective finish that meets all of the latest regulations. The red and white plank itself is made of sturdy plastic and is 150mm deep and 2m long. This item is carefully crafted with high-quality materials. It is easy to install and use. We offer free shipping on this item, and it comes with a one year parts and labour warranty. If you seek an excellent height restriction barrier at an affordable price, this item will be the perfect one to meet your needs. Key Features: • Ideal for use in car parks • 2x2 metre suspension plastic 6mm chain, which can be adjusted to vary the height restriction • Red and white plastic plank 150mm deep x 2 metre long • Retro reflective finish to meet latest regulations • Reflective on both sides Dimensions: Depth: 150mm Width: 2000mm Material: Plastic Colour: Red/White Lead Time: Next Day Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

More Details

£ 79.33

Height Restrictor 2050mm

Height Restrictor 2050mm has a standard clearance of 2050mm, limiting access to high sided vehicles. Ideal for use on commercial sites such as retail parks, it spans two carriageways, preventing vehicles from circumventing the access control measures in place. The booms of the height restrictor can be opened when required to allow full access, and locked in the open position if needed using additional catch posts. Manufactured from galvanised mild steel, the body of the height restrictor. Available ragged or flanged, the Double Swing Height Restrictor can be fitted with a knocking bar and/or a maximum height warning sign. Key Features: • All fabrication of galvanised steel construction. • Swing boom lockable by padlock (available extra). • Additional catch post available for occasional access by high sided vehicles. • Additional catch post will be required if swing boom is to be locked in the open position. • Standard widths from 6m - 12m • Static height restrictor posts • Post for grouting in • Supplied with height sign • 2050mm ±70mm standard clearance to knocking bar • Made in Britain Lead Time: 7-10 Working Days Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour 

More Details

£ 297.55

Car Park Height Restrictor

Car Park Height Restrictor helps create a safer environment for high vehicles. There are a number of situations that make it necessary to keep certain vehicles off a particular stretch of road. This is usually due to their height or the size of the loads they are carrying. The barriers work well in a range of car parks, including those adjacent to offices and factories. Various barrier sizes are available, ranging from up to 4.5m wide to 7m wide. These barriers are made in the UK, using only the highest-quality materials and workmanship. Once installed, the barriers are designed to swing through 90° in either direction. The bright ‘Traffic Yellow’ colour is highly visible, though alternative colours can be supplied on request. High grade steel is used in the construction of the product to ensure that it will withstand any type of weather conditions. The arm receiving/slam post includes a padlock and keys for improved security when not in use and a hold-open post is available separately. The hanging nudge bar is finished in alternating yellow and black stripes for maximum visibility and a height restriction sign is supplied with each barrier. ‘No Entry’ and ‘Stop’ signs are also provided. Rest assured with a one-year parts and labour warranty on your car park height restrictor, making it even more convenient to own a high-quality product. Key Features: • High quality, versatile, vehicle height restrictor • Spans roadways up to 7m (or 12m if used in pairs) • Available with or without swing barrier • Designed to restrict access to vehicles below a total height of 2.1m as standard (alternative height restriction options available on request) • Three widths available • UK construction • Suplied in Kit form • Swings 90° in either direction • ‘Traffic Yellow’ colour is standard • Alternative colours available on request • Steel construction to withstand all conditions • Padlock and keys included for slam post • Optional hold-open post • Nudge bar included • Integrated swing barrier available to prevent vehicular access to area after closing (as per picture) complete with choice    of STOP or NO ENTRY sign on low barrier • Made in Britain Dimensions: Height: 2100mm Material: Galvanised Mild Steel Lead Time: 10-15 Working Days Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier 2 Metre End Stops Red & White

RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier 2 Metre End Stops Red & White - A Pack of 2 Heavy Duty Road Barrier End Stops - 1 Red and 1 White or in 2 Red & 2 White Dimensions: Height: 1000 mm Width: 400 mm Colour: Red/White Material: MDPE Lead Time: 3 to 5 Working Days

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