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100N Buoyancy Vest for swimmers and working environments

100N buoyancy aid for swimmers recreation and working environments. Comfortable design allows freedom of movement while still providing buoyancy. Features include signal whistle integrated leg strap padded collar for added support to head and robust zipper with neck cords at hem.

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£ 41.51

Large Shelf

Total Weight: 13kg

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£ 28.66

Shallow Rsb 50cm

Total weight: 1.2kg

More Details

£ 5.05

Shallow Rsb 1.2m

Total weight: 2.7kg

More Details

£ 8.22

Hook 20cm

Total weight: 1.6kg

More Details

£ 7.97

Shoe Shelf

Total weight: 5.3kg

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£ 28.12

Stepped Arm

Total weight: 0.8kg

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£ 7.06

Portwest Foot Stool

Portwest Foot Stool The purpose of a Portwest Foot Stool is to support your feet when you are sitting down and they are becoming ever more popular in homes all over the country. When it comes to being able to put your feet up at the end of a long, hard day, most of us would jump at the opportunity. Foot stool is perfect to relax after working all day and give you a place to rest your feet and legs.

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£ 32.49

Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger

Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger is durable and the sturdiness of the Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger is particularly important for heavier clothes, such as winter jackets. Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger will maintain its integrity throughout the years. You will rarely need to ever replace a hanger in your home. The color and sleek finish of the Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger will add to the appeal of your closet. 

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£ 1.09

Portwest Wooden Trouser Hanger

Portwest Wooden Trouser Hanger Portwest Wooden Trouser Hanger neatly hangs trousers, jeans, and other trousers without a single crease. Portwest Wooden Trouser Hangers are of high-quality in our range, whatever you want to hang. Our Portwest Wooden Trouser Hangers can be used for many different applications and as unique as your own style.

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£ 1.51

Helmet Stand

Total Weight: 14kg

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£ 103.60

Portwest Paper Bag

Portwest Paper Bag Portwest Paper Bag offers many eco-friendly benefits to those who use them. They can be taken care of and continually reused. They are both recyclable and biodegradable. High-quality Portwest Paper Bag is made from a renewable natural resource, can be reused repeatedly and can be shipped to a paper mill and remade into new paper.

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£ 0.57

Portwest Large Bin

Portwest Large Bin Getting rid of waste is necessary for health and safety reasons Many materials that are thrown away can be recycled or repurposed. Portwest Large Bin plays an important role in accommodating all types of waste such as stone, food, electrical items or plastic, etc Available in two colors: Red & Navy

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£ 21.29

Footwear Cardboard Display

A highly versatile cardboard display unit for displaying footwear.

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£ 30.02
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