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Flood Barrier

Roadside Barrier Rapidly Deployable High Floodstop Barrier

Description Roadside Barrier Rapidly Deployable High Floodstop Barrier Roadside Barrier Rapidly Deployable High Floodstop Barrier, Free standing barrier which protects large exposed areas such as wide driveways etc. Ideal for larger at risk properties. Key Features: • Rapidly deployable flood defence system. • Can be easily assembled by one person. • Highly flexible system to fit any size area to protect. • Self-balancing with no bolting required. • Multi-hub connection pod for easy connection to walls etc. (sold separately) • Units nest in each other for easy storage. • Connection key required to link barriers sold separately.

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£ 214.18

Hydro Sack Flood Protection

Description Hydrosack is the new, modern method to create a highly effective barrier to the threat of flood water in domestic and commercial properties. It is the perfect substitute for the old, traditional sandbag which is not only less effective but is also difficult to handle, labour intensive and a potential health hazard. When soaked with water before installation, each Hydrosack absorbs up to 20 litres of water it lets the water in but refuses to let the water out, even when punctured and when built into layers,the Hydrosack wall produces a highly effective barrier to flood water. But that’s only one benefit… Before use each Hydrosack weighs a mere kilo. Being so light it is fast and easy to handle and place into key positions – when flooding threatens every second counts. Soak the Hydrosacks in water and in minutes they are inflated and ready to settle into position and, because of their suppleness, they fit into openings and doorwells more snugly, improving their flood prevention qualities. They have handles for easy movement, especially in emergency conditions. The unique 3-section structure of the HydroSack allows a controlled spread which prevents the contents from moving from side to side. Key Features: • Perfect for emergency flood response • Acts as an immediate flood barrier • Quickly expands to absorb up to 20 litres of water • Reduces damage from leaks and flooding • Eco-friendly - contains pulp and Super Absorbent Polymer • Easy to dispose of - simply slit the sack and disperse the contents into the earth • Suitable for landfill and incineration • Has 2 built-in handles for easy transportation • The unique 3-section structure allows a controlled spread, which prevents contents from moving side to side • Will retain its weight for up to 3 months Dimensions: Length: 600mm Width: 480mm Weight: Before inflation: 500g After inflation: 20 KGs Absorbency Capacity: 20 Litres of a Standard Sack Absorption Time: 2-3 Mins. Life Span after inflation: 6 Months Warranty: 1 Year

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£ 15.39

Hydro Snake Flood Protection

Description Use HydroSnake when flood prevention and direction of excess water is needed. The HydroSnake has the ability to absorb up to 20 litres of water or sewage and thereafter hold back further excess. Before use the HydroSnake weighs less than half a kilo. On contact with the water the super absorbent polymer crystallises and expands to hold up to 40 times its own weight. HydroSnakes are an essential accessory for plumbers or wherever there is danger of flooding. They will retain their bulk for up to 3 months and are Eco-friendly – to dispose of used Hydrosnakes, simply slit the pads and release the contents into the earth or sewage. Besides the terrible damage floodwater does to a household, the flood-water itself can be a source of contamination because of sewage and associated bacterial infection. Traditional sandbags become soaked with this bacteria, adding more disposal problems. Hydrosnakes can be pre-soaked with clean water, and when full, the polymer crystalises, creating an effective barrier which neither absorbs or releases flood water. When the foods eventually subside, simply slit the pockets on the Snake, and the contents can be released into the garden, as it doesn’t retain floodwater and is completely harmless to the environment. Key Features: • Each snake absorbs up to 20 litres of water • Lightweight and easy to handle • Easy to lift and place • Acts as an instant flood barrier • Can be used to redirect or channel water • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly • Manufactured in the UK • Each pack contains 2 x Hydrosnakes Applications: Flood containment and prevention Domestic leaks Sewage problems Large sites Dimensions: Length: 1450mm Width: 250mm Absorption: 15-20 Litres Inflation Time: 2-3 minutes Weight before absoption: 0.5kg Weight After absorption: 15-20 Kgs Material: Outer Fabric: Non woven, polypropylene, Hydrophilic finish Internal Pads: Pads x 9 per sack, super absorbent polymer (SAP) Pulp Non toxic, ECO friendly Handles: 2 Flood Water Depth: 50mm of water per snake Flood water Length: 1400mm per snake

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£ 39.99
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