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Fence Posts

Controller Plus Fold Down Post

The Controller Plus Driveway Post so called Semi Automatic Parking Post is simple to use, lifting is made easy with foot pedal assistance. It offers ease of use combined with modern day styling to compliment its surroundings, it avoids the traditional hazard colours in favour of a more understated appearance. The mechanism is incredibly simple to use and avoids the user getting dirty in any way. Installation is by means of a surface mounted aluminium bracket plate. Fixings are included. If ordering more than one, it is possible to have them keyed alike (Master Key) OR Different Combination Keys for each post.  To lower the Parking Post the user simply unlocks it and gently pushes it and it eases to the floor. To restore the parking post to its operative position you press the foot pedal and it will rise back into position. This makes it perfect for business and personal settings. The attractive parking post is constructed from natural anodised aluminium which means it is durable in all conditions. It offers the perfect mix of security and ease of use for all users. Key Features: • Semi Automatic rises automatically by pressing Pedal • Key Options: Keys alike (Master Key) or Different combination keys for each post • 2 keys included • Heavy Duty/Robust with an excellent look • With hi-vis retroreflective sleeve • Fixings included Dimensions: Height: 950mm Diameter: 70mm x 50mm Ground Clearance (when lowered): 65mm Weight: 5.5kg Bolting into Tarmac? Tarmac may not give you the sturdy foundation you need to keep the parking post upright if pressure is applied to it. We’d recommend inserting a concrete base where you want the post for a strong foundation. Warranty: 1 Year  

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£ 208.99

Parking Post Folding Sturdy Toplock Great For Car Park Bays

This post offers a great solution for those wanting a higher parking post. At 700mm above ground it is easy to TopLock. Designed for the reservation of individual car park bays. Key Features: • Anchored into the ground with 4 bolts - included • Includes 3 keys with each post • Locking mechanism locks post upright - unlock to fold flat • Silver/Grey with Red stripes for visibility • Heavy Duty construction Dimensions: Height: 700mm Width: 130mm Depth: 150mm Weight: 2kg Post Thickness: 50mm Fixings: 4 bolts supplied.

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£ 22.99

Below Ground Removable Post

Below Ground Removable Post is unique yet practical piece of equipment when used in conjunction with traffic and car parking security systems. This high visibility post acts as a rigid barrier to resist low speed impact from vehicular collision. Our strong powder-coated, high visibility finished removable posts are of the best quality and designed for anti raid, anti steal and vehicle protection purposes. This durable post is painted with a hi visibility black and white finish product. Its Heavy duty square steel section, lockable hinged base-plate cover and reflectors make it a perfect choice for people looking for premium vehicle protection solutions. Its black and white colour combination with reflectors makes it highly visible. Please note that appropriate drainage to socket is required. The Barriers offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labour. This post fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff. Key Features: • Three heights available • Large Size has lifting handles - Small & Medium sizes are without handles • All sizes have reflective plates and a white high viz band • Heavy duty square steel section • When the post has been removed the base socket has a hinged lockable lid • Post goes 210mm below ground • Strong padlock with two spare keys provided • Additional keys not available • Drainage to socket required Dimensions: Depth: 70, 80, 90 mm Height: 925, 1240, 1410 mm Weight: 8 kg (Max.) Material: Steel Colour: Black/White Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 68.19

Retractable Parking Post 835mm

Retractable Parking Post 835mm is ideal for car parks, show rooms, driveways and parking lots that need to be segmented for one reason or another. The fact that this product is fully retractable makes it ideal for temporary parking enforcement while the fact that it is lockable in the up position ensures that it will work hard the entire time it is in operation. The included yellow and black reflective tape means that this parking post can be used during the day or night and its steel round tube and galvanised finish ensure that this piece of equipment will stand up to the elements. This retractable parking post has a total weight of 36.5 kg and a pull-up weight of 16 kg. It is fully lockable in the up position and includes an integral camlock system with simple locking action. For your convenience, this product also includes 2 keys and is available with free next day delivery. Each post is equipped with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour. Key Features: • Convenient retractable design • Mild steel round tube, galvanised finish • Perfect for residential and commercial applications • Integral camlock with 2 keys supplied • Lockable in the upright position • Red/White reflective tape to both sides of post • 32kg total weight • 16kg pull up weight • Above ground height: 835 mm • Below ground height: 1035 mm • Outer diameter: 89 mm • Spare or replacement keys are not available Dimensions: Depth: 89 mm Height: 835 mm Weight: 32 kg Material: Mild Steel Colour: Galvanised Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 150.52

Telescopic Parking Post 750mm

Telescopic Parking Post 750mm are one of the strongest types of posts available out there in the market today. Parking posts are mainly used for the purpose of entry way and parking area protection. The solidity of the post stems from the fact that most of the post is located below the surface for added strength. Telescopic parking post are often used in retail locations, parking garages, private driveways or other areas where parking is limited and access to such spaces requires control. They are retractable through a key system that allows the managers of the space to allow parking or other entry to authorised persons. Telescopic Parking Post 750mm are Galvanised posts measure 750mm above ground 925mm below ground. There is 1 waterproof lock with 2 keys. The product weighs 22kg. Installation requires a hole to be excavated deep enough to allow 150mm of hardcore to be placed under the base for proper drainage. Our galvanised telescopic parking post is a heavy duty product. It’s 89mm post section and integral weatherproof lock comes with two keys to make parking secure and efficient. We offer a standard one year warranty on all parts and labour. This telescopic parking post fully complies with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff. Our telescopic parking posts are made from suitable yet durable material in order to ensure quality and are manufactured to ensure maximum product longevity. Key Features: • Heavy duty model • Round post section in square base socket • Galvanised finish • 22kg total weight • 12kg pull up weight • Supplied with 4 keys • Replacement or spare keys are not available • To install excavate a hole deep enough to allow for at least 150mm of hardcore to be placed under the base to allow for drainage. Dimensions: Height: 750mm Diameter: 90mm Weight: 22kg Material: Galvanised Steel Colour: Galvanised Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 109.99

Steel Removable Parking Post 920mm

Steel Removable Parking Post 920mm is designed to mark parking areas in temporary settings, like pedestrian precincts and around city events. During a large event or temporary closure, there is nothing more important than keeping both pedestrians and drivers safe and this highly visible parking post does just that. Its 713 mm above ground height makes it easy to spot while its colourful red and white reflective tape stripes grab attention and keeps everyone safe and sound during busy parking sessions. This parking post is made of sturdy steel and includes a full 1-year warranty on all parts and labour. It can be delivered the next working day and comes with easy return options and a price match guarantee. The product weighs 32 kg and offers 200 mm underground length for maximum stability and staying power. Plus, since this pole is 920 mm high and 76 mm wide, it is eminently visible for both drivers and pedestrians, making It an effective piece of safety equipment. Key Features: Galvanised Steel removable post Socket for casting into concrete with hinged cover 920mm overall height 76mm diameter 710mm above ground 210mm below ground Padlock included 32kg weight High visibilty red/white tape to front and back of post Top eyelets to accept barrier chain Dimensions: Depth: 76 mm Height: 710 mm Weight: 32 kg Material: Galvanised Steel Colour : Galvanised Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 119.89

Collapsible Post Galvanised

This post has a galvanised finish suitable for harsh environments. It is simple to operate and locks into position with a shackle padlock. Installation requires three fixings (padlock and fixings supplied separately). Key Features: • Parking security • Durable finish • Easy locking/unlocking mechanism • Strong construction Dimensions: Section: 60mm Height: 765mm Weight: 6 kg Accessories: Anchor plates are available for installation on block paving or for a more secure concreted fixing.

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£ 134.40
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