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Expanding Barriers

JSP Titan Expandable Safety Barriers

Description JSP Titan Expandable Safety Barriers are most commonly used for temporary blocking off restricted entrances, or for guiding the public in a direction. Barriers UK have one of the best prices you will find anywhere on quality UK manufactured expandable safety barriers. We hold a large stock of barriers allowing us to offer them on a next day delivery service. They are perfect for applications where storage space is tight, but you need an easy to deploy & cost effective expandable safety barrier. Recommended Applications include: Hotels & Resorts, Department Stores, Leisure Centres, Cinema Foyers, Schools & Colleges, Hospitals, Railway Stations, Garage Forecourts, Air & Sea Ports, Industry, Maintenance & Factory Locations. Key Features: • Compact in Folded position (500mm) only • Highly Flexible • Conpatible with other Titan Barricader & Citadel Barriers • Lightweight & easy to handle • Unique Clip for proper securing & mobility • Expands up to 3 Metres • Made in Britain Overall Weight: 10.5 kg Colour: Red/White Applications: • Hotels & Resorts • Department Stores • Leisure Centres • Cinema Foyers • Schools & Colleges • Hospitals • Railway Stations • Garage Forecourts • Air & Sea Ports • Industry • Maintenance & Factory Locations

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£ 109.99

Guardian Portable Reflective Expanding Barrier With Bag

Description Guardian Portable Reflective Expanding Barrier with Bag is a lightweight one-piece, portable expanding barrier system which folds flat for convenience. It has an extremely high reflective performance and is very popular with the Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance), at airports and with the petroleum industry for use on forecourts. Opens to 2.25m long. Key Features: • Highly reflective for maximum visibility • Comes complete with a portable bag. • Folds flat to 700 mm for easy transportation and storage. • Opens to 2250 mm long and 1100 mm high. Dimensions: Length: 2250mm Expanded, 700mm Folded. Height: 1100mm

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£ 153.99

Yellow And Black Polypropylene Instant Safety Barrier

Description Yellow and Black Polypropylene Instant Safety Barrier. This Portable Mobile Barrier is an adaptable polyethylene a flexible internal barrier system that is easy to store and transport. Key Features: • Designed for indoor use. • Opens up to 4 metres long with 16 articulating panels. • 2 non-marking wheels for quick deployment and easy transportation. • 4 locking straps to secure the barrier in a closed position. • Comes ready assembled. • Polyethylene. Dimensions: Size: 600 mm x 350 mm x 1000 mm Weight: 15 kg

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£ 336.59

Large Expandable Scissor Barrier

Description Large Expandable Scissor Barrier 4200mm is used to keep people out of a certain area and because it expands, the barrier can be used in openings of varying widths. Safety barriers are usually brightly coloured to make them easily identifiable and keep unauthorized foot or street traffic away. This product can be used in a number of applications from warehouses to grocery stores. Whenever there are aisles upon aisles of products or items being stored or displayed, it is a good idea to have a flexible, but sturdy gate around in case of a spill or an accident of some kind. For example, to avoid a slip-and-fall lawsuit, blocking off an area where a mess needs to be cleaned up can save a business a lot of trouble and money. In another situation, a portion of the footway might need to be blocked off during construction or repair. The large expandable safety barrier is made from tough steel and painted yellow (for high visibility) and black. The posts on either side are 1700mm high and can expand to a width of 4200mm. The barrier itself is 1530mm high, weighs 23kg, and includes wheels. This safety device can be used indoors or outdoors and folds compactly for easy storage. A large expandable safety barrier comes with a 1-year warranty. Key Features: • Tough steel construction • Posts are 1700mm high, expanding to 4200mm • Barrier is 1530mm high • Ideal for car parks and warehouses • Includes wheels • Quality epoxy paint finish • Yellow and black • Assembly for feet only (spanner required) • Product weight: 23kg • Width of the unit whilst closed is 460mm Dimensions: Width: 4200mm Height: 1700mm Stowage Width: 460mm Weight: 23kg Material: Steel Colour: Yellow Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 142.99

4m Mobile Expanding Safety Barrier System

Description 4m Mobile Expanding Safety Barrier System easy to use, easy to see, easy to move and store a fantastic method of dividing an area and protecting the public from installations, cleaning and danger. When maintenance or repair work is being conducted indoors, safety regulations stipulate that barricades and warning signs be deployed around the perimeter of the work area, thereby ensuring the safety of people passing by. This product does this dual job of barricading and warning passers-by by, conveniently unfolding into a 4m long barrier that stands on its own with no additional support. It is highly recommended because it is an essential part of any maintenance crew’s equipment. Designed specifically for indoor use, this product can be used for safety compliance wherever repair or maintenance work is being carried out. Being a mobile, foldable unit, it can be easily stored for when required, and deployed in a matter of seconds when called for. Such a system can be used in commercial facilities, public buildings and many such locations where safety equipment needs to be deployed on a regular basis. It is extremely handy to have on hand wherever warning or caution systems are required. This product is made from 16 connected and articulated panels that, when unfolded to their full length, form an effective 4m barricade system. 2 non-marking wheels are provided for safe and convenient deployment. 4 locking straps ensure that the system is locked into place when folded, making it easy and safe to transport. The product is made from polypropylene and complies with ANSI colour and graphics standards. Caution symbols are printed on each panel in black, for maximum visibility. Key Features: • Indoor use • 4 Metres long • 16 Articulating panels • 2 non-marking wheels for quick deployment • Barrier is secured in a closed position with the 4 locking straps • ANSI compliant colour and graphics • This product is supplied ready assembled • Polyethylene • Open up to 4M long • Closed dimensions (mm) 1000H x 600W x 350D • Made in USA Dimensions: Depth: 350mm Width: 600mm Height: 1000mm Weight: 15kg Material: Plastic Colour: Yellow Warrenty: 1 Year Parts/Labour

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£ 386.00

Heavy Duty Steel Expandable Trellis Barrier

Description Available in two sizes, these strong expanding barriers are quickly and easily deployed to highlight ‘no access’ areas. Suitable for forecourts, closing off lifts, access ways, exits and entrances and hazardous areas. Key Features: • Strong, stable all steel construction • Quick and easy deployment • Reflective red warning strips • Chain hooks incorporated • Two models Small (3.6 metres) Height: 1000mm Trellis Bars: 25mm x 4mm Max width (when deployed): 3.6 metres Foot Depth: 500mm Weight: 12kg Material: Steel Finish: Red/White dip painted with Red reflective strips or Black/Yellow dip painted Large (4 metres) Height: 1000mm Trellis Bars: 40mm x 5mm Max width (when deployed): 4 metres Foot Depth: 500mm Weight: 19kg Material: Steel Finish: Red/White dip painted with Red reflective strips Warranty: 1 Year

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£ 267.29

Mobile Safety Barricade System 4000mm

Description Easy to use, easy to see, easy to move and store a fantastic method of dividing an area and protecting the public from installations, cleaning and danger. Key Features: • 4 metres long with 16 articulating panels • Opens to 4mtrs and closed at 570mm x 1010mm x 320mm • Non marking wheels to ease movement • Lightweight 16.2kg and comes ready to go • 2 non-marking wheels for quick deployment • Polyethylene • Expandable barricade to clearly indicate off-limits areas • Bright, highly visible yellow colour • Retractable design for space-saving storage Dimensions: Length (Extended): 4000mm When Stowed: 570mm x 1010mm x 320mm Height: 1010mm Weight: 16.2kg

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£ 133.99
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