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Self Righting Flexible Post Off Highway Use Complete Set

Great for the separation of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, guiding vehicles around or through a temporary obstruction, to form a barrier between contra flow traffic at public events or on motorways/dual carriageways, on & off highways etc. The post/beacon has a rubber strip, so that being beaten adapts, and returns to its original position. Key Features: • Fixed or non fixed usage • Heights: 520mm, 800mm • Standard Dia: 100mm • Hi Vis Orange Colour with Retroreflective sleeves • Sturdy Rubber Base •The base has 3 holes to be fixed to the floor. (Fixings not included) • Post & Base Complete Set  (Value for money) • It can also be used without being fixed to the ground (mobile, like a cone) Dimensions: Heights: 520mm, 800mm Dia: 100mm Rubber Base: (520mm) Height: 60mm Dia: 258mm Rubber Base: (800mm) Height: 60mm Dia: 260mm Weights: 2.01kg, 2.34kg

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£ 22.99

Flat Top Stainless Steel Bollard 304 Grade

304 Grade Stainless Steel regarded as world's most versatile and widely used austenitic stainless steel known for their formability and resistance to corrosion, austenitic steels are the most widely used grade of stainless and most resistant to corrosion, rust and oxidation. By design, bollards create visible barriers to direct traffic and pedestrians, Steel pipe security bollards should be used in locations requiring high impact protection. They are made from 304-grade steel embedded deep into concrete and reinforced with concrete to withstand significant shocks. Steel pipe bollards protect against vehicle accidents and ram-raid, or smash-and-grab, intrusions. Use security posts to protect building entrances and storefront windows, which can be prime locations for vehicle invasions. 304 Grade Stainless Steel is an excellent choice for Barrier UK's robust/heavy duty stainless steel bollards. Key Features: • Stainless Steel Grade 304 • Premium Quality • Suitable for mounting into concrete • Long lasting, anti rust and stylish finish • Designed & handmade by engineers • Made in Bitain - using locally sourced raw materials Dimensions: 50mm, 70mm & 100mm Square (Flat Top) Height: 1200mm

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£ 109.99

Square Heavy Duty Bollard 1m High

These posts offer permanent restriction of access and protection for buildings. Solve your parking issues with this all weather, tough security bollard in high visibilty yellow RAL Colour with reflector. Key Features: • Robust • Non moveable • Suitable for ground fix only • Hi Vis Yellow RAL Colour • With Reflector • Made in Britain Dimensions: Height: 1000mm 50mm Square

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£ 28.59

Hi Vis Bolt Down Bollard 1000mm

This robust steel bollard has an additional yellow powder coat over the galvanised base. It comes complete with a moulded rubber cap. The cap has a band of highly reflective tape. It has a simple bolt down installation. Required Fixings 4 M16 x 125mm through stud anchors (Premium) Key Features: • Robust Galvanised Steel Construction • Yellow Hi Vis Powder Coated Bollard • Moulded Rubber Cap with Retro Reflective Tape • Bolt Down Installation • M16 x 125mm through stud anchors, set of 4 (Premium) Dimensions: 1000mm x 89mm Weight: 13.6kg Fixings: (Premium) Required M16 x 125mm Throughbolt - Set of 4 (Order seperately) Weight: 200g

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£ 56.78

Ultra High Impact Protection Steel Bollard

These Ultra High Impact Protection Steel Bollards are extremely strong and ideal for protecting vulnerable areas in and around your premises. Highly visible and super strong. Key Features: • Hi Vis • Heavy Duty/Robust • Stainless Steel Powder Coated Dimensions: Overall height: 900mm, 1070mm Pipe diameter: 110mm, 115mm Mounting Plate: 203mm x 203mm x 9.5mm Weight: 9.85kg, 11.8kg Warranty: 3 Years

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£ 94.63

Premium Berkeley Bollards

The Berkeley Bollards are an effective way to direct and control traffic. They send a clear message and can prevent cars from parking on pavements or blocking cycle lanes. The diamond head bollard is particularly useful in urban settings. Key Features: • Length: 140 cm • Profile Measurements: 14 x 14 cm • Created for urban surroundings • May be supplied in a pallet of 48 bollards • Installation method: Embedded • Made in Germany Bollards can be retrofitted with individual reflectors as well. Dimensions: Length: 1.4m Profile Measurements: 14 cm x 14 cm Weight: 17kg Material: Premium Recycled/Recycleable Plastic Colours: Black, Brown or Grey Strip at top: 1.5 cm, Red Strip at bottom: 1.5 cm, White Warranty: 20 years

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£ 88.44

Chichester Stainless Steel Bollard 76mm x 900mm

Chichester Stainless Steel Bollard 76mm x 900mm manufactured from brushed stainless steel with polished top caps, ensuring a high quality finish for many years. These attractive, yet durable, Chichester stainless steel bollards are perfect for preventing access to designated areas and providing perimeter protection. They also add a splash of elegance and contemporary style to the area and are designed for use in public, non-industrial areas, where the aesthetic quality of the surrounding environment must be maintained. They are ideal for use outside business premises, offices, shops, libraries and universities. They also meet the criteria for ‘green’ areas, as stainless steel is completely recyclable. Manufactured from brushed stainless steel, they have sparkling polished top caps and will keep their high quality finish for many years. Made in Germany from 304 grade stainless steel, the bollards are corrosion resistant. The bollards are exceptionally strong and will require very little maintenance to keep them looking as good as new. These stainless steel bollards can be mounted directly into concrete for extremely secure and permanent results or fixed to the surface, which means they can be easily removed to allow access or repair. Key Features: • 304 grade stainless steel posts • Diameter 76mm • Concrete in or removable versions are 300mm longer for below ground fixing • Ground collar option available to conceal fixing method • Made in Germany Please Note: For surface fix options only - Tarmac fixing is never as good as concrete fixing. Whenever drilling holes in tarmac it is essential that you do not drill the holes to wide because in any warm weather tarmac will become pliable and the fixings will naturally loosen over time. Dimensions: Height: 900mm Diameter: 76mm Weight: 9kg Material: Post finish: Brushed Stainless Steel Cap: Polished Stainless Steel Lead Time: 14 Working Days Warrenty: 1 Year

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£ 295.79

Square Fixed Security Bollard White & Black

These posts offer permanent restriction of access and protection for buildings. They can be adapted to cordon off areas with the addition of locating eyelets, D shackles and chains. Key Features: • Excavated version only • Use as boundary marks • Strong and durable Dimensions: Model       Finish             Section    Above Ground    Below Ground    Weight Small         Black/White    70mm       720mm                  200mm                7 kg Medium   Black/White    80mm       995mm                   250mm                9 kg Large         Black/White    90mm      1110mm                   300mm               16 kg Applications: • Parking Area • Schools • Banks • Roads • Stores • Factories • Warehouse

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£ 98.99

Collapsible Parking Bollard

Collapsible parking bollard  has a unique cloverleaf design that ensures it returns to the upright position following an impact. Manufactured from self coloured UV stabilised polyurethane and fitted with reflective bands makes this post highly visible. Key Features: • Available in three colour options • Recover shape • Highly visible • Available in Black, White or Orange. Dimensions: • Weight: 1.3kg • Height Above Ground: 925mm Colours: White, Black, Orange Applications: • Parking Area • Schools • Banks • Roads • Stores • Factories • Warehouse

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£ 99.99

Lockable Folding Parking Bollard Yellow

Lockable folding parking bollard yellow provides controlled access, ideal for driveways and individual parking spaces. This post features an integral lock which for your convenience can be keyed alike in multiple quantities of posts. The post is finished in durable yellow powder coating and will require three fixings for installation. Key Features: • Anchor plates are available for installation on block paving or for a more secure concreted fixing. • Parking security • Durable finish • Easy locking/unlocking • Strong construction Dimensions: Height above plate: 625mm Diameter: 60mm Weight: 6kg Colour : Yellow Applications: • Parking Area • Schools • Banks • Roads • Stores • Factories • Warehouse • Malls

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£ 120.42

Self Righting Flexible Post

Self Righting Flexible Post – Off Highway are designed with a specialist link joint at the bottom which allows the post to fold back up into its upright position after being run over by vehicles. They are not suitable for use on public highways, however they are great for guiding traffic around your car park or industrial premises, through temporary obstruction or provide warning for upcoming hazards. Key Features: • Self-righting link joint enables post to recover after being run over or hit many times. • Easily and quickly fitted to cats-eyes or optional base • 100 mm diameter. • Highway Post fitted with retro-reflective sleeve conforming to BS 873 Part 8 des. 1. • Off-Highway Post for use on private roads and sites only, fitted with red and white sleeves. • Manufactured from Anti-aging polyethylene. • High visibility red with white retro reflective sleeves. • Extremely robust –  Sustainable when hit or run over several times. • Easy fixing into ‘cats eyes’ • Environmentally friendly. • Ability to install with epoxy resin adhesive or secure more permanently with 4 fixing bolts. Dimensions: Height: 460mm, 760mm, 1m Diameter: 100mm Base Diameter: 270mm Weight: 1.5kg, 2kg

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£ 41.89

Heavy Duty Bollard Submerge Mount

Heavy Duty Bollard Submerge Mount, Produced from powder-covered hot-plunge aroused steel for solidness. Key Features: • Highly visible yellow finish with black bands. • 90 mm diameter small bollard – medium to heavy impacts. • 159 mm diameter large bollard – heavy impacts. • Available in Concrete Post or Surface Fix options. Base Size mm: 200 x 200 x 10 Colour: Yellow with black striping Core Material: Steel Diameter mm: 90 Finish: Hot dip galv. + Powder coating Height Above Ground mm: 1200 Height mm:1200 Material: Steel Type: Surface fix Weight kg: 13 Material: Steel Core Material: Steel Colour: Yellow with black striping

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£ 203.99
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