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Barrier Posts

Premium Set of Chain Posts

The Sand/Water base 6 post plastic chain kit is an ideal solution to the problem of an external temporary fence. Constructed out of high-quality materials and designed for both interior and exterior usage, the plastic barrier kit is a very economical option for companies that only need temporary cordons. The bases can be emptied in order to make the posts easier to carry. This makes the kit a mobile fence system that a company can utilise for whatever needs it may have. This Sand/Water base 6 post plastic chain kit comes with the posts and bases pre-assembled. The posts stand at 880mm tall with a diameter of 40mm and the bases rise up 75mm from the ground and have a diameter of 300mm. The chains are also painted red and white alternating colours to match the posts and come in 2m lengths. Included are the s-hooks and the connectors needed to mount the chains on the posts. Key Features: • Sand/Water filled base post and chain kit is 6 a set of posts • Ideal for crowd control • The kit comes with 6 posts & bases, 10m of chain & 20 connectors • Red/white posts, red/white chain, red connector links, red S-hooks • Chain supplied in 2m lengths • Post dimensions (mm): 880(H) x 40(Dia) • Base dimensions (mm): 75(H) x 300(Dia) Dimensions: Width (mm)       10000 Height (mm)      880 Diameter (mm)  40 Material: Plastic Colour: Red/White Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 98.99

Sprung Barrier Posts 750mm

Sprung Barrier Posts 750mm is ideal for use in temporary and permanent parking lots and along footpath and pedestrian areas. The bright yellow or silver colour is attention-grabbing and highly visible, which means this parking post will grab a driver’s attention. Additionally, the post is designed to snap back into the vertical position after a collision and can be surface mounted or grouted in to many different surfaces, making it ideal for temporary or long-term use. Previously, if a driver accidentally hit a parking barrier post, it meant certain damage to the car and a death sentence for the boundary post. Now, this parking barrier post is here to help alleviate those concerns. Designed to bend on impact in order to prevent damage, scratches and dings, this parking barrier post marks boundaries but is built to be forgiving to drivers who make mistakes. This parking barrier post offers free next day delivery and a 1-year warranty. Each post is flanged, with 3 holes designed to accommodate 10mm x 100 mm bolts or can be grout-in on the ragged end. The pole’s dimensions are 750 mm high and 48 mm wide when surface mounted and 960 mm high and 48 mm wide when grout in. The pole weighs 4 kg, which makes it a sturdy and formidable piece of equipment for all of your parking needs. Key Features: • Sprung Posts prevent impact damage • 750mm high • 48mm diameter • 4kg weight • Galvanised or powder coated yellow finish • Flanged for surface fixing or ragged for grouting in • Three 10mm x 100mm bolts included with flanged version Dimensions: Depth: 48 mm Height: 750 mm Weight: 4kg Material: Galvanised Steel Colour: Galvanised & Yellow Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 32.99

Fixed Boundary Barrier Posts 750mm

Fixed Boundary Barrier Posts 750mm is designed to clearly mark the boundaries of a parking area and to protect buildings from accidental damage by cars. Available in galvanised or yellow powder coated finishes, these posts are highly visible and will help drivers establish the boundaries of a parking area while also helping business and land owners mark the boundaries of their property and ensure that their buildings and belongings remain safe. If you own a home, property or business that includes or is near any sort of parking area, these boundary posts are for you. Nobody wants to repair damaged caused by an unfortunate parking incident and these fixed boundary parking posts can help avoid it altogether. Mount two to mark and protect the corners of a building or install several in order to mark the boundaries of parking spaces, or indicate where parking is not available to help your guests fully understand where parking is and is not permitted. These fixed boundary parking posts are available for free next day delivery and are equipped with a 1-year warranty on parts and labour. These posts offer two different finish options (galvanised or yellow powder coat) and can be surface mounted using the flanged feet with 3 holes designed to accommodate 10mm x 100mm bolts. The posts can also be grout-in using the ragged end. Both mounting options produce a secure product that helps drivers avoid mistakes and helps property owners protect their belongings. Key Feaures: • Fabricated from tough and enduring steel • Robust construction suited for use in car parks, or wherever a sturdy parking bollard is needed • 48mm diameter security post • Available galvanised or protected by yellow powder coat finish • Bolt-down metal bollard featuring flanged end for surface fixing • Use as a driveway security post or as a car park barrier • Supplied with three 10mm x 100mm fixing bolts • Unit weight: 3kg Dimensions: Height: 750 mm Diameter: 48 mm Weight: 3 kg Material: Steel Colour: Yellow or Galvanised Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour

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£ 32.99

Delineator Barrier Posts

Delineator Barrier Posts are bright and easy to spot delineator barrier is a great temporary way to provide road safety and pedestrian control. This item features a black rubber base with an integral handle, which makes it easy to position and keep in place. It has a base weight of 5.2kg, which creates more stability. The florescent orange plastic and reflector make this item easy to spot from a distance, and also make this item the perfect choice for temporary pedestrian control and road safety. The post measures 1150H x 100Dia mm. The T-top chain accessory easily screws into the top of the delineator and is perfect for attaching a plastic chain. This item is sold in packs of five. We offer free shipping on this item, to save you even more money on top of our low prices. This product is backed up by a one year parts and labour warranty. Key Features: • Ideal for temporary road safety and pedestrian control • Black rubber base with integral handle • Base weight 4kg • Florescent orange plastic post with retro-reflective band • Post 1150H x 100Dia mm • T-top chain accessory screws in to the top of the delineator and is ideal for attaching plastic chain. Comprises 1 plastic screw and 2 metal quick links • Supplied in a pack of 5 posts with connectors Dimensions: Height: 1150 mm Weight: 4 kg Material: Plastic/Rubber Colour: Red/White

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£ 83.59

Telescopic Heavy Duty Mole Post

Telescopic Heavy Duty Mole Post is ideal for driveway access applications as it is designed to be collapsed into the ground when not in use yet are simple to raise into position when required. Fitted with an integral weatherproof lock which, for your convenience, can be ‘keyed alike’ in multiple quantities of posts if required for no additional charge. Please specify this option is required when placing your order. Key Features: • Heavy duty • Galvanised • Lowered flush to surface • Highly durable Dimensions: Finish             Section    Above Ground    Below Ground    Weight Galvanised      89mm      700mm                 950mm                 18 kgs Warranty: 1 Year

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£ 164.99

Retractable Belt Barrier Metal Post

The Retractable Belt Barrier Metal Post gives you a classic look at an economical price. Retractable Belt Barrier Metal Post are perfect for queue management in banks, theatres and post offices, with the stainless steel design giving you a elegant look. The sign design of Retractable Belt Barrier Metal Post lets you interconnect the posts, with 3 connectors on each head allowing you to change the set-up of the queues within a couple of seconds. This Retractable Belt Barrier Metal Post is simple to use with interconnecting post allowing you to easily organise queues Queue set ups can be changed in a matter of seconds thanks to the 3 connection points on the post head. Stainless steel design of this Retractable Belt Barrier Metal Post gives you a smart, professional look in your business Dimensions: Belt Length: 1.8 Metres Post Height: 909mm Base Diameter: 300mm Weight: 7.5kg Post Colour: Stainless Steel Belt Colour: Blue Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Lead Time: 2 Working Days Applications: Perfect for queue management in Banks, Theatres and Post Offices

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£ 136.01

Premium Chain Post Set

It's an ideal solution to creating a large barrier that can help to deter pedestrians or motorists from entering into a particular area. The highly visible red design of these posts include a white reflective strip that make them highly visible in all kinds of conditions, especially at night where they will be seen by motorists. These chain posts are perfect for use in all kinds of areas, especially car parks, factories or warehouses where they can be used to corden off access to areas that may be for private use only or areas that are unsafe for people to go into. These chain posts come with bases that can be filled with up to 10kg of sand, which of course keeps the posts in place at all times and ensures that they wouldn't be blown over by strong winds. These chain posts allow a distance of up to 8 metres, which allows the customer to create a barrier that can span out over a larger area. The highly visible posts are sure to be seen by all pedestrians and motorists in the area and will deter them from entering into these particular areas. These chain posts also come with up to 25 metres of chain. They can be set up quickly and easily and can be used almost instantly. These premium chain posts are an excellent solution to creating barriers for larger areas and can be installed quickly and easily, whether it be for termporary or permanent use. When you need a chain post set that can cover a large area the Premium Chain Post Set is the ideal solution.  Key Features: • A very visible red colour with added white retroreflective strips • Ideal for use in all kinds of conditions, including at night • Each post comes with its own base • Can be set up quickly and easily • Each base can be filled with up to 10 kg of sand to hold the posts in place • Comes with up to 25 metres of chain • Can create a large 8 metre distance in between each post • Comes with 6 posts Note: Bases can be filled with 8-10 kg of sand Dimensions: Post height: 1200mm Post diameter: 110mm Base diameter: 400mm Base weight : 4kg Warranty: 1 Year

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£ 285.99
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